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Friday - Saturday

4:00- 10:00pm

 Sunday - Thursday

The History of the Name

   On August 13, 1903, Wheeling newspapers carried an article titled "local Capitalist Planning Construction of a Modern Hostelry". It was stated that local investors had taken an option on the Hutchinson property in Woodlawn and planned to build Stratford Springs, an elegant hotel, three stories high and one block long. The frame hotel would feature a spacious lobby, large dining room, ballroom, reception hall, bowling alley, tennis courts, and eight-four guest rooms. Primarily intended for summer use. Access to this hotel was convenient by motorcar, horseless carriage and the Wheeling and Elm Grove Railway.

   Stratford Springs had its official opening on May 1, 1907. For eleven years, the hotel was considered to be the "Gem of Wheeling" with its guests topping the Social Register. Wedding parties, opulent dances and important social events added to the Crown Jewels of Stratford.
At the height of its glory, around midnight on January 13, 1918, fire broke out in a motor room. By dawn the magnificent structure was destroyed. The morning edition of the local newspapers claimed the loss to be valued at $150,000. Attempts were made to save the elegant furnishings. In doing so, several items that were brought to the street slid down the icy hill and were found a block away. The entire area was encrusted with ice from the pump trucks. Fortunately, none of the 115 guests were seriously injured.

   Today, the Stratford Springs legend of elegance prevails. A new Stratford Springs, uniquely designed as a Family Friendly Restaurant, is committed to pleasing and pampering its patrons.