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get started
Start with a simple plan in mind as to not get overwhelmed.
  1.  What type of event?
    (Example: Baby Shower, Business Meeting, Wedding etc.)

  2. Date
    Ideally you want to have three potential dates in mind so that you can compare availability and prices across the board. Try to include different days of the week for maximum flexibility.

  3. How many guests are attending?
    This is one detail that is often too broadly estimated for productive negotiations. Get realistic with your attendance projections. Discuss in advance who you will invite. Attendance and budget are directly correlated, so don't haphazardly guess about the number of people you think will attend.

  4. What is your budget?
    It might sound impractical to work on a budget before knowing venue or catering costs, but working this way provides us the opportunity to give you the best service. (Examples: "We have $800.00 total to spend." Or "We have Budgeted $12.00 per person.")